Would You Pay $500 for a Keurig-Like Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine?

Imagine: soft serve whenever you want!

While there's few pleasures like soft-serve ice cream on a hot summer afternoon, one company is banking that interest in on-demand ice cream is so fierce, fans will be willing to drop a pretty penny.

ColdSnap is a new machine that was unveiled at this year's CES technology conference, and it looks very much like a Keurig for soft-serve ice cream – except it's likely to run between $500 and $1,000 with pods going for $3 each. That's pretty expensive for ice cream … but is it worth it?

The ColdSnap works pretty similarly to a pod-based coffee maker like the Keurig or the Bartesian cocktail machine. First, the user chooses a single-serve ice cream pod, then they insert in the machine. It'll take about a minute for the contents of the pod to freeze and disperse, and then the ice cream is ready.

From a convenience perspective, this machine hits all the marks. The pods are shelf stable and require no refrigeration, and the pods disperse direct from pod to bowl, so there won't be a ton of messy cleanup.

At a time that people are trying to cook and drink more at home and avoid restaurants and bars, the world is prime for on-demand soft serve. But this machine isn't made for small kitchens, which is a reality for many. It measures 17.5 x 17.3 x 9 inches and weighs about 50 pounds, so it's going to demand a fair amount of space in a kitchen. But in positive news, what it lacks in space-saving, it makes up for in environmental friendliness – the pods last up to a year, and are recyclable.

Of course, the possibilities are endless with a machine like this. It's great for a bowl of ice cream (dairy or non-dairy), but could also work for frozen yogurt, smoothies, and even frozen shakes and cocktails, according to the company's website.

While this machine was just demonstrated at CES, it's not yet available for purchase. ColdSnap machines and pods will be available for purchase through the company website, and at stores in metropolitan areas nationwide by later in 2021. Perhaps a bit a pricey for ice cream, but could be a lot of fun for a dinner party. Once people start having those again, that is.

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