By Carl Hanson

Take it from me, a 3-time runner-up for Employee of the Month. This simple contraption is the key to workplace success.

Photo by Carl Hanson

It makes you smarter, it makes you more productive, and here's the key: it keeps you awake. And studies show that consciousness is one of the keys to workplace productivity.

How does this wee gizmo deliver on such a huge promise? It keeps your coffee warm, of course. So you drink it. While it's hot. Instead of dumping it, cold and sad, down the sink. Bottom line: You are fully caffeinated.

Photo by Carl Hanson

Look, I know how it is at work. Interruptions. Meetings. Constant distractions. Loads of blah-blah-blah. You can't always be within drinking distance of your hot cup of joe. After about 20 minutes, the coffee is uselessly cold. Undrinkable.

This little guy solves that problem. You can step away, answer that call, engage in conversation with talky Phil in marketing, and you know it's there for you, doing its job. No matter the interruptions, there will be hot coffee at your desk. And caffeine in your veins.

pouring coffee into cup

They say it also works with tea. We'll take them at their word.

Coffee Prescription

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