Now you can "Thank My Farmer" for giving you the reason you wake up in the morning — coffee.

If you love sipping on a cup of java but have always wondered what's actually inside that cup (beyond that amazing aroma and taste of glorious coffee beans), well now you can get a bit more information while you imbibe. Thank My Farmer — a new app powered by IBM Blockchain — shows you just where your coffee beans came from and even offers you the chance to learn more about the farmer who grew and harvested the beans, too.

Thank My Farmer will be available in early 2020. The way it works is that consumers scan a QR code on select packages of coffee, where they'll then be able to see the journey that the coffee beans in their bag took from the farm to the grocery store directly. They can even send a small contribution to support sustainability projects around the farmer and the land where the beans came from, too. So if you'd like to give back to a wonderful cause while enjoying your rich coffee brew, this is the app for you!

IBM - Thank My Farmer
Credit: Thank My Farmer app

Users who access the app in the U.S. and Canada will be able to scan QR codes on Folger's 1850 Coffee brand of single-origin coffee — plus eventually other brands in the future — in order to see the coffee's journey.

By using the app you can play a role in boosting sustainability and enhancing the lives of farmers and the purity of the coffee beans you're drinking in each warm cup. It's a cool way to give back and also be more educationally informed on what's going into what you're drinking.

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