Coffee Mate Is Adding Oatmeal Creme Pie And Glazed Donut Coffee Creamers This Winter

They're also adding two new plant-based creamers and bringing back an old favorite.

New Years' resolutions be darned, Coffee mate's new line of creamers sounds too good to be true. As if it's not enough that they're dropping an M&M's-flavored creamer in 2021, the brand just announced that they'll be adding a whole bunch of new (and old, beloved) flavors in January 2021.

The two most exciting flavors are Oatmeal Creme Pie and Glazed Donut, which promise to flavor your coffee as if you had just dipped a pastry in it—the perfect pick-me-up for those cold, dark, winter mornings we'll all be struggling through. Oatmeal Creme Pie combines the cinnamon and brown sugar notes of the classic childhood dessert, alongside that toasty, oatmeal cookie flavor that just can't be replaced. Since we all know there's no better morning combination than coffee and a doughnut, the Glazed Donut flavor is also sure to be a hit.

coffee mate new dessert-inspired coffee creamers
Coffee mate

In addition to these dairy-based creamers, Coffee mate is launching two new additions to its Natural Bliss line. Brown Sugar Oat Milk, which combines the taste of brown sugar oat milk with a hint of maple syrup to compliment your morning cup. Almond Sweet Creme, the other new flavor, adds the creamy, rich flavor of almond to every sip. Coffee mate is also bringing bag an old favorite, Sweet Oat Milk, which has the naturally toasty, sweet flavor of oat milk as well as the creaminess we all expect from Coffee mate.

Innovative creamers have been a huge trend this year, as have special, seasonal flavors like the Cookies N Cocoa and Mint Truffle flavors that Coffee mate launched this year for the holidays. These newly announced flavors will hit the shelves sometime in January, along with the Coffee mate Unlocked series that promises to make your coffee taste like the best version of itself. Better get those mugs ready.

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