Can Drinking 3 Cups of Coffee A Day Make You Live Longer?

Coffee has always felt like a total lifesaver to me, though there was always a little wink-wink that went along with that feeling. Because of course I wouldn't cease to live if I didn't get my morning latte—I would just feel like I was dying. But turns out my little joke to myself has some merit to it! Well, sort of. Coffee alone won't keep me alive, but it might keep me alive for a little longer than if I skipped it, according to a new study.

Let's drink (coffee) to our health! | Image by Mackenzie Schieck.

Business Insider UK reports that a study published in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, found that people who drank more coffee were at a lower risk of death from a range of illnesses and diseases. The study focused on more than a half million people, in ten different European countries, over the course of about 16 years. They found that those who drank three or more cups of coffee a day were at a lower risk for heart disease, stroke, and liver disease—specifically, 18 percent lower in men and 8 percent lower in women.

Marc Gunter, the lead author of the study, makes sure to point out though that they can't go so far as to actually recommend drinking more or less coffee. "That said," Gunter says, "our results suggest that moderate coffee drinking—up to around three cups per day—is not detrimental to your health, and that incorporating coffee into your diet could have health benefits." So, coffee drinkers: keep on keepin' on, guilt free—ya know, for your health! And in an effort to help…

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