Our sugar-coated dreams are coming true.


The cereal aisle can be overwhelming — and that may be an understatement. From choosing between your childhood favorites, discovering new products, and even deciding between sizes ("Do I really need a family-sized box since I'm single?"), there are many choices to be made. But Walmart has just made cereal shopping a bit easier with the release of a new item: the Lucky Charms Chocolate Cocoa Puff Combo Bag.

Now, you no longer have to decide between purchasing chocolate cereal or a getting a dose of luck with your favorite marshmallow-studded breakfast food. This bag (not box) combines the two. The cereal is classic Cocoa Puffs, and the marshmallows are the Lucky Charms shapes you've come to know and love, like horseshoes, shooting stars, rainbows, and more.

Lucky Charms is having a bit of a moment in grocery stores right now. Earlier this month, Pillsbury released ready-to-bake Lucky Charms sugar cookies. A bag of oversized Lucky Charm-inspired marshmallows hit grocery store shelves earlier this year, too. The marshmallows are so coveted one brand is even selling a bag of copycat marshmallows for people who just want to dig out the sugary confections from amid the wheat pieces.

So far, the only place you can snag a bag of this mashup cereal is at Walmart. The Lucky Charms Chocolate Cocoa Puff Combo Bag is listed online at a price of $5.98, but is currently only available in-store, so no online orders or delivery.

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