By Carl Hanson
July 24, 2015

Don't skip dessert. Drink it instead. It's dessert with benefits.

1) Snickers Martini

Five kinds of booze = a candy bar in a glass.

2) Pineapple Upside-down Cake Martinis

For best results, drink right-side up.

Photo by Spunky Buddy

3) Boston Creme Pie Martini

Beats actual pie every time.

4) Strawberry Shortcake Drink

Have your cake and drink it too.

5) Pumpkin Spice Martini

Not just for the holidays. Bailey's makes it irresistible any time.

6) Tiramisu Martini

Creamy, chocolatey goodness. Don't mind if I tiramisu.

7) Frozen Mudslide

Skip dessert. Play in the mud.

8) Fus Ro Dah' Cocktail

Share with a friend. It's 9 ounces of no-fuss chocolaty goodness.

9) Almond Joy Cocktail

Almond Joy goes nuts!

10) Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

11) Coconut Cream Pie Martini

Bonus: Beef Martini

A tipsy marinade for bbq season.