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10 rock-solid excuses for cutting loose with a cocktail

And you thought you only needed one. Sometimes a situation calls for a very specific cocktail companion. You gotta be feelin' it! We've matched the mood with the perfect boozy beverage.

1. You just landed a job in Manhattan

Here's your Big Apple Martini.

2. You just finished spring cleaning

Cleanse your palate with a Dirty Martini.

3. You just dropped 20 pounds

Now you can fit into a Bikini Martini.

4. It's cold and rainy, and is that your house teetering on the edge of a cliff?

Time for a Frozen Mudslide.

5. First day of Spring?

Celebrate with a Hummingbird.

6. Your adorable little dog just scared off the mailman

Sounds like a Salty Chihuahua.

7. Winter's ruining your perfect tan

Feel the burn with a Tanning Bed Drink.

8. The cat just tore up your brand-new sofa

Kick back with a Madcat -- why worry about spills anymore?

9. You've been "eating right" all week and don't want to blow it

Reach for the veritable salad in a glass, the Bloody Mary.

10. Your nightmare ex just showed up for an unannounced visit

Better make it a double. The Psycho.

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