This cocktail hack combines Popsicles and booze for a very cool Margarita in minutes.

By Leslie Kelly
August 23, 2015
Popsicles are an awesome sub for traditional mixers in this cocktail hack. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Whoops, you've run out of mixers. Don't stress! Grab a couple of fruit juice Popsicles, plop 'em in the blender with some booze and -- boom -- instant cocktail gratification. How did I not think of this before?

Looking to balance the sweetness of the frozen pops, I squeezed a quarter of a lime in with two Popsicles in the blender. In went a double shot of tequila, but other clear spirits should work, too. A couple pulses on the blender and I had made my first-ever frozen Margarita. It was almost too easy.

Ran the squeezed lime around the rim of my glass and coated it in a chili salt I'm pretty obsessed with. Tajin is marketed as a seasoning for fruits and veggies. I love it on melon and in Micheladas and on Huevos Rancheros and corn on the cob. It's got a bit of citrus-y bite, and it's not super hot. It also comes in a bottle that has a puzzling and kind of hilarious warning: "This is not a candy." Yeah, and now back to that very grownup Popsicle drink. Mmmm.

Try this cocktail hack, blending Popsicles with tequila for a slushy Margarita. Photo by Leslie Kelly