The beverage company announced Friday the soda will be available in January 2021.
Coca-Cola With Coffee
Credit: Coca-Cola

If sipping a Coca-Cola doesn't get you buzzed enough, you can soon amp up the caffeine power of your favorite soda with coffee. Today, Coca-Cola revealed a line of new coffee-infused sodas called Coca-Cola with Coffee.

Each of the 12-ounce cans combines classic Coke with Brazilian coffee for a whopping 69 milligrams of caffeine. (For comparison, a typical Coke has 34 milligrams.) While it's not as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (the average cup has 95 milligrams), it's plenty enough to get your brain moving again after a sluggish day or restless night of sleep.

Coca-Cola with Coffee comes in three flavors: Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel. The new Cokes promise to maintain the sweet, satisfying, thirst-quenching flavor of the soda with the added perk of rich, aromatic coffee.

But before you mask up and head to the store to try the new beverage, you should know you'll have to wait a bit longer. Coca-Cola with Coffee won't hit shelves until January 2021, unless you're already a member of Coca-Cola's Insiders Club. In that case, you may be able to score a taste or two of the new soda before the new year.