When I saw a picture of "cloud eggs," my first thought was, umm…and then, ummmm. I wasn't sure how to feel about them, but I knew I needed to make them. And honestly, if I'd had to take a guess, I would have said I was probably not going to like them—which was especially surprising when it turned out I did. Well, sort of.

Cloud eggs one their own: so-so. Cloud eggs with avocado toast: YUM. | Image by Mackenzie Schieck

What are Cloud Eggs?

Cloud eggs are basically whipped whites that are baked for a bit, then the reserved yolks are added to a little well in the top, then baked for a few more minutes. A sort of savory meringue.

Are They Any Good?

I liked them. But there's a but: I didn't love them on their own. I'd sooner fry or scramble up some eggs—though I might have a different opinion if herbs had been folded into the whites and then baked—but cloud eggs with avocado toast was a whole other story. I ended up eating bites of each together, and I must say, it was pretty fantastic. There's something about the lightness of the "cloudy" eggs that pairs really well with the density of the avocado. And I think these cloudy avo toasts would only get more delicious if you added some greens, roasted bell peppers…maybe some bacon? Mmm.

Also, they were very easy to make. Aside from breaking three yolks in a row trying to separate them from the whites, preparation was smooth sailing. (I recommend separating the eggs by carefully pouring it onto your fingers to prevent the cracked shells from nicking the delicate outer layer of the yolk.) You can find the recipe for straight-up cloud eggs here, a Parmesan chive version here, and below are a few more delicious-looking interpretations:

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