By Vanessa Greaves
August 12, 2015
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If you're just cutting them in half, you're missing out.

via Digg

According to Dan Pashman over at Digg, bagels are getting too big and puffy for their own good, "throwing off the proper ratios to cream cheese and lox."

But it's not enough to just stuff more filling between two slices of bagel. His solution? Slice a bagel like a Mobius strip to create a continuous, looping surface for the filling to touch.

Photo by David Benbennick via Creative Commons

Dan began by drawing a Mobius strip right on the bagel (with a Sharpie!), then proceeded to slice along the line and slather the newly created surfaces with cream cheese and lox. See the whole process here. Note to Dan: Next time, try a food-safe marker.

But look at the final result. That's two levels of cream cheese and lox where only one would have fit before. Every bite gives you the right amount of bread to filling ratio, the way the bagel gods intended.

via Digg

As Dan says, "Bask in its glory." Then he ate it, Sharpie marks and all.

We bow to your craziness, Dan.

To create your own Mobius bagel, you'll have to start with whole, unsliced bagels. Here's a bread-machine version for you to try, and of course we have several more you can make by hand.

Photo by Peter Chee

Slice on!