These are the big-flavor shrimp dishes that make you want to pack up and move to New Orleans. But stay put, and we'll bring the recipes to you.

1. Boudreaux's Zydeco Stomp Gumbo

"A Texicajun hybrid of a classic. Throw on some Zydeco music and serve on a bed of rice with corn bread and a cold beer. Whew doggie!" -- Lupe Boudreaux

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2. New Orleans Shrimp

"I like it hot, and add fresh, hot red peppers. Serve over rice. Crusty bread and ice cold beer are good accompaniments." — SYLVIABC

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3. Chef John's Shrimp Etouffee

Bonus: Chef John demonstrates how to get delicious results using frozen shrimp.

4. Good New Orleans Creole Gumbo

"My mother and grandmother were born and raised in New Orleans and really knew how to cook. This recipe is a combination of both of their recipes." -- dailyrecipedoctor

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5. Ham and Shrimp Gravy

"I love eating this over rice or mashed potatoes. Even pasta would make for a deliciously effective delivery system!" -- Chef John

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6. Cindy's Jambalaya

"Add anything you like to this basic recipe. Crawfish, chicken pieces, make it all sausage." -- Cindy

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7. Momma's Shrimp and Cheese Grits

"A simple but delicious recipe. In New Orleans we like our cayenne pepper, so use less if you don't like so much heat." -- NOLAMom

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8. Chef John's New Orleans-Style Barbequed Shrimp

"This indigenous American shellfish dish, cooked on the stovetop, has plenty of big flavors from garlic, rosemary, and freshly cracked black pepper," says Chef John. "Use the largest shrimp you can get. And serve over hot cooked rice."

9. Remoulade Sauce a la New Orleans

"Top your crab, shrimp, lobster, salmon dishes, or seafood po' boy sandwiches with this wonderful cold sauce that has its origins in France and was then popularized in New Orleans." -- COOKINGCOWGIRLS

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10. Shrimp Bisque II

"Wonderful recipe that takes some time to prepare but is the best you'll have," says AFGLEZ. "You'll be able to impress your guests with a flambe at a point in the preparation. Adjust the seasonings to your taste."

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