The new flavor will be in most major stores by June 2020.
Cinnamon Cheerios
Credit: General Mills

A bowl of classic Cheerios is never a disappointment, but General Mills is introducing a brand-new flavor with a spicy kick that'll make breakfast even tastier. Starting this month, you can also look forward to the launch of Cinnamon Cheerios. The spiced-up cereal O's are hitting store shelves now, so keep those eyes peeled.

What's more, General Mills announced a limited return of fan favorite Banana Nut Cheerios. In case you've never had the Banana Nut Cheerios, it's basically a combination of real banana puree and cinnamon, so it's incredibly comforting and fun, and certainly worth trying if you find a box. It'll be on shelves through May.

But if you're a major cinnamon spice lover, you might as well go all out with the Cinnamon Cheerios flavor that is loaded with the good stuff. Made with real cinnamon and sweetened whole-grain oats, this new addition to the Cheerios line-up offers a cinn-sational way for cereal lovers to nosh on Cheerios for breakfast or a fun, tasty snack when the munchies hit.

You can grab a box of Cinnamon Cheerios now at select stores, as they've begun the rollout for April, and they will be more widely available by June. One large box is $4.79, while a family size is $4.99. Just imagine how great this cereal would taste with a vanilla-flavored milk! We cannot wait to try this new box ourselves.