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I can't tell if eating this means you're winning at life or giving up entirely.

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There are a lot of interesting breakfast sandwiches coming from fast-food joints lately. The most recent one to appear on the scene is Cinnabon's new Churro Swirl being made into a Churro Frosting Sandwich. Just another complete breakfast bound to leave you feeling energized and ready to start the day, am I right?

Joining the ranks of the French Toast McGriddles and Taco Bell's Naked Egg Taco, the Churro Frosting Sandwich will be sold at participating Cinnabons for a limited time. There also might be an opportunity to order a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be offered at Cinnabon locations with Carvel ice cream in stock (both franchises are operated by Focus Brands).

The frosting used in the sandwich is Cinnabon's classic cream cheese frosting, naturally. Of course I can't imagine that dipping a churro, which is literally just sugar-coated fried dough, in cream cheese frosting would be bad. But for some reason, the idea of biting into the paring as a sandwich sort of turns my stomach. The ice cream version, on the other hand, sounds wonderful. I'd probably stick it in the freezer for a bit to achieve more of a Chipwich texture, but either way I have higher hopes for an ice cream sandwich than I do a frosting one (but hey, it's not an ice cream-filled burger bun, how bad can it be?).

According to the press release, both the Churro Swirl and the Churro Frosting Sandwich are available now at Cinnabon locations all over the country.

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