Cinnabon's Rolled Pancake Kit Is Everything You Need to Make a Sweet Brunch

Rolled pancakes, mugs, and cocoa—what more could you want?

cinnabon pancake roll gift set
Photo: Walmart

If you're a big fan of breakfast, cinnamon-flavored pastries, or both, you might recall that everyone's favorite airport and mall kiosk Cinnabon recently made a big breakfast push with the launch of a new line of at-home a.m. items. Now, they're back with more.

Just in time for the coziest time of year (whether you like it or not), Cinnabon will be selling what looks like the perfect package to elevate your at-home brunch game. Spotted at Walmart, Cinnabon's got a Rolled Pancake Kit & Brunch Mug Set, which is definitely an assortment of items you don't see every day.

For starters, the kit gives you everything you need to make Cinnabon's Rolled Pancakes, which are like a cross between fluffy crepes and a sort of breakfast burrito, except made with Makara cinnamon and ready to be smothered in delicious frosting. The closest analog from Cinnabon's existing line of breakfast items would probably be the Frosted Cinnamon Swirls, but this takes things to a whole new, cylindrical level. It's like a pancake tube, which is probably tastier than it sounds.

As if that wasn't already enough, this brunch kit comes paired with two mugs and a hot cocoa mix perfect for filling them up. Mimosas are unfortunately sold separately, but there's no rule against putting them in your Cinnabon mug.

In short, this gives you everything you need to turn a weekend morning into a tasty holiday brunch. So if you've always wanted to visit a mall food court in your pajamas, order this from Walmart for $12.98 and live out your dreams.

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