It's an early Christmas miracle.
pint of cinnabon cream cheese frosting
Credit: Cinnabon

Hate to say it, but this winter is probably going to suck. There's a chance it'll be like the early pandemic days of March and April, except with less daylight and colder temperatures whenever we do bother to venture outside. We're going to need a lot of comfort food to get through not only the weird 2020 version of the holiday season, but the bleak January that comes after it. 

The good news is that you'll at least be able to acquire a big ol' pint of Cinnabon's cream cheese frosting and spread it on whatever you want. 

Here to bring a little sweetness and holiday cheer at a time when both are so desperately needed, this marks the first time that Cinnabon has sold their Signature Cream Cheese Frosting direct to consumers—and in a pint no less. Familiar to Cinnabon fans with a predilection for their cinnamon rolls (including the holiday season's special PecanBon roll), this frosting puts you in charge of spreading the tasty, sugary flavor enhancer wherever you want it. 

Given the circumstances of this year, it's perhaps fitting that the launch of Cinnabon's Signature Frosting is happening in conjunction with something that pairs perfectly with eating frosting straight from the container: sitting on the couch and watching Christmas movies for the entirety of December.  Cinnabon is partnering with Freeform during its 25 Days of Christmas marathon to share recipes that pair well with holiday comfort and nostalgia. Among them are frosting-topped sweet potatoes, frosting herb garlic cheese balls, and frosting cake "Snowballs," all of which would seem to prove that you can spread Cinnabon frosting on pretty much anything and consider it a holiday delicacy.

As the snowman-themed carton suggests, Cinnabon's Signature Frosting will only be around for the holidays, so you might want to get hold of more than just one pint if you plan on having it last the winter. The good news is that you can grab it from one of Cinnabon's bakeries or even have it delivered, giving you one less thing to worry about during this busy time of year. So get a hold of a few pints, put on a comfortable robe, and get settled in for the next few months. Your diet can wait until 2022.