Cinco de Mayo falls on a Tuesday this year, so your taco and margarita game has to be on point, even if you're dining at home.
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It's not a secret that Cinco de Mayo festivities will look a little bit different this year. The holiday, celebrated annually on May 5th, commemorates the Mexican Army's victory over Napoleon III and the French Empire in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day (celebrated on September 16th), Cinco de Mayo was made official by President Benito Juárez.

Planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home, but not sure where to start? Here's how to have your Cinco de Mayo fiesta delivered right to your door.

Mexican-American brand Siete Foods, a family company in South Texas, was started out of co-founder Veronica Garza's need for a grain-free diet. Having their grain-free tortilla chips shipped to your doorstep is a party-starting no-brainer and the sampler pack features the company's newest flavors. Crispy and light, these non-GMO chips are made using a base of coconut flour to create the perfect Cinco de Mayo — or let's be honest, anytime — snack. Before checking out, be sure to fresh tortillas, offered in five different flour varieties, to the cart.

Don't forget the salsa. The Chile De Arbol blend from acclaimed chef Ray Garcia is an ode to his Mexican American upbringing in Los Angeles. Featuring spicy tomato and fresh lime flavors, it's good enough to eat on its own with chips, and Garcia's commitment to responsible farming and food production guarantee a feel-good purchase.

Dive into the main meal with Cilantro Lime Chicken from Kevin's Natural Foods, a paleo food company that offers heat-and-eat options packed sous-vide style so pan to plate is ten minutes or less. Don't be fooled by the better-for-you recipe, the flavor in each meal packs a punch and contents are ideal for stuffing into tortillas, taco shells, or eaten entirely on their own.

Already have the fixings in the fridge, but looking to take the taste up a notch? Snag some taco sauce, made with smoked chiles and fire roasted tomatoes - no preservatives added!

An at-home beverage is a click away! No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a celebratory cocktail and Drizly's selection of tequila makes it easier than ever to get the most important ingredient for a DIY margarita, plus all the extras that make each sip delicious.

If a mocktail is in order, blend Yes Cocktail Company's Cucumber Jalapeno mixer, a refreshing and spicy palate zinger, with sparkling water.

Interested in getting busy in the kitchen on your own?

The official holiday food of Cinco de Mayo is mole poblano, a traditional dish made using chiles, spices, nuts, and sometimes chocolate, that originated in the Mexican city of Puebla, and there is no shortage of Cinco de Mayo desserts. Be sure to schedule a grocery delivery with the necessary ingredients ahead of May 5th if you plan to cook your own feast.