By Leslie Kelly
March 10, 2016

Talk about a party waiting to happen. I've been having an absolute blast cooking from Chrissy Teigen's Cravings, every recipe I've tried so far has been awesome. So, I decided to get social with one of the dishes that sounds like the best kind of party, the Frito Pie Bar. I made it in the Kitchen at Allrecipes' HQ in downtown Seattle and the spicy fragrance drew a flock of Allrecipeeps who gave the way flavorful spread high marks.

Chrissy's husband, John Legend, is responsible for the hearty, yet not heavy chili at the center of this super fun recipe and it's unlike any chili I've ever made. It includes chopped mushrooms along with the traditional ground beef. There was just a pound of ground beef in the recipe that feeds between 6 and 8, so the mushrooms added a meaty quality without the fat. True to the Teigen Way of Being, there's loads of garlic and spice from chili powder and cayenne, but it's not a fire that's going to blow your palate out. It's more of a warm and fuzzy than a three-alarm fire. And it screams, "pour me over some Fritos, baby!!"

The other pleasant surprise was the Cheesy Guacamole recipe that's a must-serve on the toppings lineup. The unexpected addition of sharp cheddar to smashed avocados, chopped onions and garlic, minced jalapenos and cilantro was a huge winner. Because... cheese!

The biggest roadblock to making this dish was finding the smaller sized bags of Fritos. After hitting four stores, I finally found an assortment of snack size portions, but there were only a few bags of Fritos. (What up, Frito-Lay?) If you're going to do it Chrissy style, you'll likely need to order online, but in a pinch, pile some of those classic corn chips in a bowl and pile on.

Best thing about this spread? Everyone can DIY on the toppings, so you don't have to worry about catering to the restrictions of people who are picky. They can go ahead and skip the chopped onions, the pickled jalapenos and that amazing guac. Then again, if they do, you've got to ask yourself: Why am I friends with these picky people?

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