Cholula and Simplehuman Made a Contactless Hot Sauce Dispenser

And you can buy it next month!

cholula hands-free dispenser
Photo: Cholula

The uniquely unfortunate nature of 2020 has forced restaurants to make many changes to how they operate. Beyond reductions in services and capacity that have already forced many eateries to close, the introduction of contactless ordering, service, and delivery has been one of the bigger changes. The only question is, how do you dispense certain condiments without touching potentially infected surfaces or forcing people to use those puny packets?

It turns out we might have an answer, at least as far as doling out hot sauce is concerned. In collaboration with trash can brand simplehuman, Cholula has devised a contactless hot sauce dispenser that can keep things spicy while spending less time worrying about touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

In order to get this contactless Cholula device to work, one simply has to wave their hands above the nozzle and watch the spiciness flow. The ingenious device is both battery-operated and wireless, making it easy to set up anywhere in your kitchen, man cave, or restaurant that it needs to go in order to deliver its peppery payload.

While Cholula notes that the hot sauce dispenser will primarily end up in restaurants, the good news is that they are making a limited quantity available to consumers, beginning at noon EST on December 1, 2020. Those who act fast once it drops can acquire this marvel of modern engineering for $130, which includes free shipping and a half-gallon jug of Cholula. 100% of the proceeds from this little flash sale will go to support the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a nonprofit designed to help independent restaurants get the help they need to make it through the pandemic without having to close their doors forever.

So if you're shopping for any hot sauce-loving germophobes this holiday season, set a reminder to buy this contactless hot sauce dispenser once it goes on sale at noon on December 1. They may not thank you with a hug, but the smile on their face the first the Cholula pours will be worth it.

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