Make someone's day with a good chuckle — and a snack!

By Kimberly Holland
April 30, 2020
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chocolate toilet paper
Credit: ChoconChoc / Etsy

The moment states began issuing stay-at-home orders in March, reports of toilet paper and paper towel shortages began springing up on social media. Indeed, panicked buyers snatched up nearly every roll of paper supply they could find, leaving shelves hollow. Restaurants even offered toilet paper with to-go orders to help boost sales in the immediate post-closure slump.

But never too short on creative alternatives, bakers and confectioners across the country, and even the world, turned to what they know best to inspire laughs and, of course, some sales: sugar. Toilet paper cakes began popping up as a moment of levity for stressed-out shoppers. Chocolatiers protected the Easter Bunny from COVID with chocolate masks. And one chocolate maker in Bath, England, turned their preferred candy medium into loo rolls.

We spotted these chocolate toilet paper rolls on Etsy, and they gave us such a laugh. Almost too realistic to believe they're chocolate, these mini toilet rolls measure just over 3.5 inches tall. From reviews, the chocolate maker protects them in a hard plastic box, which helps them stay in one piece wherever they are shipped.

"Sometimes you've just got to roll with it!" writes ChoconChoc Etsy store owner. "If, like the rest of the nation you've been on the hunt for some toilet roll, then look no further. Our chocolate toilet roll set is the perfect gift to send to someone in isolation to lift their spirits! Made from a delicious blend of milk and white Belgian chocolate by our artisan chocolatiers and delivered straight to your door."

chocolate toilet paper
Credit: ChoconChoc / Etsy

Buy it: $13;

Beyond the toilet paper, this chocolatier has been creatively crafting many quarantine-themed chocolate sets. If sending toilet paper candies might cause a stink, you can always make them smile with a fishing tackle box, for the people who've rekindled their love for casting a line while they've been stuck at home. Or for the crafting type, this chocolate knitting set is so realistic they may confuse it for their own project. There's also a chocolate first aid kit you could send to a frontline worker friend to thank them for all the time and energy they're putting into keeping so many people healthy and well.

And even though the chocolate maker is in England, they do ship to the U.S. with shipping charges, but orders ship quickly, usually within three days. So it'll be a nice surprise for your friends or loved ones while we wade through these unending stay-at-home days.