You should see them on shelves starting next month.
chocolate strawberry cheerios
Credit: Meijer

When it comes to healthy-ish mass market cereals, Cheerios has to be pretty high up on the list. Perhaps in recognition of the year that 2020 has been, however, Cheerios is out with a new limited-edition flavor that sounds a whole heck of a lot more indulgent than the whole grain cereal usually is. 

As spotted by @CerealLife and confirmed by a product listing on Meijer's website, it looks like Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios are about to be a very real thing. 

This particular set of Cheerios takes an interesting approach to mixing flavors. As you might've gathered from the combination of strawberry pink and chocolatey brown Cheerio pieces, the two namesake flavors exist as discrete entities. You can bet that you'll get a whole bunch of both sides of the taste equation in each spoonful, though of course you could separate them out and eat the strawberry pieces as an entree before moving onto chocolate as a sort of breakfast dessert. 

According to @CerealLife's sources, these should be hitting store shelves in December. Based on the timing and the fact that the box depicts this cereal version of a romantic snack being served in a heart-shaped bowl, it'd be reasonable to assume that this limited-edition offering could be sticking around through Valentine's Day. 

As Meijer's product description puts it, "there are few things in life that go together as well as the taste of delectable strawberries dipped in rich, chocolatey sauce," and I don't think any reasonable person can disagree with that. The fact that one will soon be able to effectively eat chocolate and strawberries as part of a relatively healthy and balanced breakfast is exactly the kind of small victory we need to close out 2020.