While the classic flavor of Twinkies is, well, classic, there's something about the idea of a chocolate peanut butter version that makes us want to start throwing elbows and saying things like, "mine!!" and "huh-uh, miiiiiine!" to be first in line to get some. And we can't promise there won't be a "neener-neener-neener" or two tossed out there when we do snatch some up. It might not be a pretty picture, but oh, we imagine it will taste amazing!

These new Twinkies are made of chocolate cake with a peanut butter creamy filling. | Image by Hostess

Hostess just announced their new flavor combo is now on grocery shelves for the taking (keep an eye on your blind spot when you head that way), and are available as singles or in ten-packs. We don't know about you, but we're going for the ten packs, for sure. And if a ten-pack can't satisfy you, here are a few more ways to get your chocolate-peanut butter fix:

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