Do you dare mess with a classic?

By Isadora Baum
July 31, 2020
Chocolate PayDay
Credit: PayDay

This summer, the hardest working candy bar on the market is getting a brand-new makeover with the launch of its newest product — a bar that chocolate lovers won't want to miss. 

Starting next month, the classic PayDay, which launched in 1932, will be joined on grocery store shelves by one with a chocolatey coating. The new Chocolatey PayDay candy bar will deliver the same flavors and textures of traditional PayDay, which has a truckload of crunchy peanuts surrounding smooth, sweet caramel, along with a rich chocolate taste for added decadence. 

The good news is you can eat one of these gooey, nutty, and chocolately bars now! These new PayDay bars are available nationwide in the standard 1.84-ounce candy bar , as well as 3.1-ounce king bars, with a retail price of $1.11 and $1.66, respectively. So, the next time you want that caramel, peanut and chocolate blend, you know right where to go.