These Chocolate-Covered Jalapeños Will Spice Up Your Winter

Move over, strawberries.

UPDATE: January 14, 2022

Valentine's Day may be a month away, but let's be honest — stores started promoting their V-Day offerings as soon as New Year's Eve. If you missed out on getting a truly bold Valentine's Day gift last year or simply now have a sweetheart to impress, we've got good news. Harry & David have revived their chocolate-covered jalapeños.

As an added bonus, it looks like the chocolate-covered jalapeño supply chain hasn't been interrupted, because they're available to ship now. Each order includes free express shipping, so you can enjoy that spicy-sweet goodness within a matter of days.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: February 1, 2021

Now that February is upon us, that sound your hearing is the frantic typing of millions searching for a suitable Valentine's Day gift for their significant other before the clock runs out. It's never an easy feat, but when global circumstances take certain options off the table, you have to think a bit unconventionally.

Maybe the secret to heating things up in your relationship, then, is to take that idea a bit more literally. And how do you do that? Why, with chocolate-covered jalapeños that you can order over the internet, of course.

Before you start to think this is some sort of Valentine's Day-themed April Fool's joke, rest assured that these are very real. They come courtesy of Harry & David, a special occasion confectioner who will seemingly say yes to dipping literally anything in chocolate.

Though the idea might seem ridiculous, they've clearly taken care to make this potent combo of heat and sweet into something not only palatable, but fancy. Each order comes with between nine and 12 jalapeños, with the dips divided equally between white, milk, and dark Belgian chocolate, each drizzled with a complementary chocolate color to class things up a bit.

Jalapeños certainly fall outside the usual flavor palette one might sample on February 14, but in a year like this, a departure from how we're used to experiencing the most amorous of holidays is probably exactly what's called for. It's also worth pointing out that a jalapeño technically is a fruit, so categorically speaking there's nothing that weird going on here.

Before you get too excited, the product page suggests these chocolate covered jalapeños won't be available to ship until February 15, so hopefully your loved one is satisfied with a printed picture of chocolate jalapeños. The silver lining is that you can track the shipment together over the coming days, turning it into an exciting couple's activity.

So if strawberries covered in chocolate just don't get your taste buds tingling anymore, know that there's something more exciting out there — if you're willing to wait for it. The good news is you have plenty of time to pick up some milk in preparation.

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