Chiquita Just Launched a Fun Artist Series on Their Bananas' Stickers

Find all 12 stickers, inspired by Degas, Warhol, and da Vinci, on a banana near you.

Chiquita Bananas on a pedestal surrounded by framed artwork
Photo: Courtesy of Chiquita

Picking up a bunch of bananas at the grocery store, you will likely recognize the iconic blue Chiquita stickers that pop off the yellow peels. Look a bit closer, though, and you may recognize some of the world's most notable artworks by the likes of Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, Leonardo da Vinci, and more — all with a twist.

Earlier this month, Chiquita debuted an all-new, limited-edition blue sticker series with some of the world's most recognizable works of art; the artsy stickers will be featured on more than 200 million Chiquita bananas through mid-January.

"Chiquita is excited to launch its final limited-edition sticker series of the year, which closes out 2020 with a creative twist by transforming our classic Blue Sticker to feature bright and colorful reimagined artwork," said Jamie Postell, Chiquita's director of sales for North America, in a press release.

Italian designer Mariangela Rinaldi was selected to design 12 stickers that showcase her fun impressions of famous works of art.

"I'm honored to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Chiquita and make over these distinctive pieces of work," said Rinaldi in a press release. "Beyond being recognized as a delicious and nutritious snack, Chiquita's bright yellow bananas and Blue Sticker are sewn into the roots of various cultures across the globe, making them the perfect inspiration to incorporate into any piece of artwork."

mona lisa on chiquita banana peel
Courtesy of Chiquita

The series includes Rinaldi's renditions of Degas' "L'étoile banana," Warhol's 'Banana Monroe,' da Vinci's "Mona Banana," Frida Kahlo's "Self-portrait in banana peel," and Pierre-August Renoir's "Young Banana in a Straw Hat."

Other artists whose masterpieces have been reimagined include Sandro Botticelli, Gustav Klimt, Roy Lichtenstein, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso and James Whistler.

Banana and art enthusiasts alike can see all of Rinaldi's reimagined works of art on Chiquita's website, where they can also learn more about the original artists, take a personality quiz to match themselves to a sticker, and even download a special edition booklet to collect them all.

"These imaginative stickers are the perfect addition to our delicious bananas and support Chiquita's mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living and snacking while inspiring innovation and creativity," said Postell.

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