By Isadora Baum

This would also make for a fun holiday gift.

If you can't resist a chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie and you love the creamy, smooth texture of ice cream, just imagine the two of them together.

Sure, you could pay $8 per sandwich at your local artisan ice cream shop. You could even fake it by dunking your cookie into some melting ice cream. But to make your ice cream sandwich dreams come true at home, you can buy this handy Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Sandwich Maker.

Photo: Big Lots

They'll be hitting shelves at Walmart on November 1, but just spotted the kits for sale at Big Lots now.

The gift set (sure, you could gift this if you wanted — or keep it for yourself) has everything you need to make your own ice cream sandwich, including eight Chips Ahoy! Cookies, an ice cream sandwich mold, scoop, sprinkles, tray, and napkins. All of that is just $15 at Walmart (or $12 at Big Lots). All you need to complete the set is buy a pint of your favorite ice cream.

The cookie makers provide directions on how to create the perfect cookie sandwich, but it's fairly simple — it requires sandwiching the ice cream with the cookies, smushing them together, and then rolling the whole thing in delicious rainbow sprinkles. Ahh — that hits the spot!

And it even comes with napkins because, you know, it can get messy. In a good way.

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