Chili's Is Selling Gallon Bags of Margaritas To Go

Secure this bag before it's gone.

To put it mildly, the past 12 months haven't been very fun. If there's any new development from these strange times worth keeping in a post-vaccine world, though, it has to be the to-go cocktail. First issued out of necessity last spring when restaurants and bars could only offer takeout service, these portable potables acted as a lifeline for outdoor socializing over the summer and into the fall while also letting us take the nights off from playing bartender at home.

Now, to "celebrate" a birthday that roughly coincides with the one-year anniversary of America realizing that this whole Covid thing was probably going to be a big deal, Chili's is going wild and selling us margaritas by the gallon at a discounted price. That's not a typo: a gallon.

In honor of its founding on March 13 1975, participating Chili's locations have filled up bags full of 128 ounces of their Presidente Margaritas and are selling them for the low price of $30. They claim that's 25 drinks (challenge accepted), which would mean you're getting a serving of bagged margarita for just $1.20. You'll have to BYO salt and lime, but that's still less than you'll pay for any other margarita on March 13. If you'd rather pay as you go for your Presidente margs, those are only $3.13 each on the special day, which definitely isn't bad, either.

chili's new gallon margarita in a bag

Though a press release notes that the $30 gallon special is a one-day offer on Saturday, March 13, Chili's isn't limiting the margarita magic to just one day. Those gallons of goodness are available at select locations as of March 1, whether for on-site consumption or to-go enjoyment. They'll cost $40 normally, which still feels worth it.

There's no word on how long Chili's will sell this bag of boozy joy, but you'd have to think it'll at least be on their menu at least through Cinco de Mayo — and hopefully far longer. Because whether it's for celebration or out of continued frustration, we're all going to be in the mood for a marg this summer.

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