This Flavorful Method for Frying Eggs Is So Delicious Everyone Will Beg for the Recipe

And it takes just 15 minutes!

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Grab a carton of eggs and get cracking: This is one egg recipe you're definitely going to want in your repertoire.

In a mere 15 minutes and with a handful of ingredients, one of the co-hosts of Food Network's The Kitchen just put a twist on a TikTok food trend so good, that it blew away her two Iron Chef co-hosts (Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffrey Zakarian).

Remember TikTok's pesto eggs that almost broke the internet in spring 2021? Well Katie Lee's Chili Crisp Fried Egg Bowl is a twist on that pesto egg theme, just with a lot more kick.

This recipe was included on the recent "Trends Worth Trying" episode of The Kitchen because instead of pesto, the mom, former Top Chef host, and cookbook author recommends cooking the eggs in chili crisp.

Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp

As a refresher, chili crisp is an infused oil condiment that's peppered with crunchy bits of garlic, peppers, onions or scallions, and sometimes other aromatics. (Our friends at Better Homes & Gardens have a full primer on chili crisp here.)

That's what makes Lee's 15-minute meal so unique and so craveable. The punchy flavor and crispy texture mixed with the decadent egg yolk, nutty brown rice, and earthy kale in the breakfast bowlresults in a swoon-worthy combination that calls us back for seconds every time.

And we don't feel one ounce bad about doing so, as one fan commented on the recipe to confirm it's a "fast and easy [well-]balanced meal! Registered dietitian approved!"

How to Make Chili Crisp Fried Eggs

To make it, you'll need ¼ cup of chili crisp per four-serving portion, or one tablespoon per chili crisp egg. Either whip up a batch of Homemade Chili Crisp, or order one of these popular chili crisp brands and have them delivered to your door:

  • Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp, $19.99 for two 7.41-ounce jars; Amazon
  • Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp, $17.98 for 6 ounce; Amazon
  • Mr Bing Chili Crisp, $23.99 for one 7-ounce mild jar and one 7-ounce spicy jar; Amazon

In a large nonstick skillet over medium heat, add 2 tablespoons of chili crisp, and swirl it around in the skillet until the base is coated. Crack one egg into a small bowl to guarantee you include it shell-free and keep them separated in the pan. Transfer the first egg to the skillet, then repeat three more times until you have four eggs spaced out atop the chili crisp. Season with salt and pepper, then cook until the whites are solid and the yolks are a touch runny, or for about 3 to 5 minutes, for the perfect sunny-side up egg.

To round out the meal, grab a large bowl and fill it with two more tablespoons of chili crisp, ¼ cup rice vinegar (one of eight vinegars we think every home cook should have in their pantry), and a pinch of salt. Whisk to combine, then toss in 3 cups of cooked brown rice and 3 cups of baby kale. Mix until the grains and greens are evenly coated.

Scoop the rice and kale mixture into four bowls, top each bowl with a chili crisp egg, and garnish with chopped fresh chives, if you like (we do!).

"I think dare I say, my favorite Katie Lee dish? It's everything! The rice soaks up the egg, the spice and the tang with the crunch! Adding this into the routine," one five-star reviewer raves. Another adds, "The crunchy, spicy chili with the creamy egg yolk was brilliant."

If you're craving a taste of the brilliance, too, snag the recipe for Lee's luscious Chili Crisp Fried Egg Bowl here.

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