When I crave homemade chicken piccata, I consult the incomparable Chef John. Not only do his recipes work, but he'll show me how to rock it AND teach me new cooking skills in the meantime.

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Photo by Kristin

If you're new to cooking, chicken piccata is a marvelous recipe to master because it calls for a series of techniques you'll use in many other recipes:

Pounding/tenderizing poultry/meat with a meat mallet

No meat mallet? No worries. Use one of these household items instead.

Quick Chicken Piccata Tenderizing GIF

Seasoning and dredging poultry/meat in flour before browning in the pan

#Protip: Make like Chef John and sprinkle your flour on a plate (I recommend a pie plate, to minimize mess) and add more flour as needed, to avoid having to throw out what's leftover.

Quick Chicken Piccata dredging


The pan and oil are the right temperature if it sizzles when you add the chicken, sayeth Chef John

Quick Chicken Piccata Pan-Frying

Building a pan sauce/Deglazing a pan with wine

#Protip: Make sure you use cold butter to get your sauce good and creamy.

Quick Chicken Piccata Pan Sauce

Watch the whole video here. Serve this rich, lemony, briny, appealing dish atop hot rice, your favorite pasta, or mashed cauliflower.

Happy cooking!