Is it authentic? Probably not.

Unless you're a vegetarian or vegan, you've gotta love a good chicken parm. Whether as the perfect deli sandwich or a meaty companion to a bit of pasta in an Italian restaurant, that combination of cutlet, cheese, and sauce is molto bene chef's kiss

The problem is that many of us lack either the patience or the expertise to make some tasty chicken parm at home, no matter how badly we want it. What are we to do, give up? No. Because as with so many other things, there's a questionable yet ingenious hack summoned from the depths of Reddit that can help us out. 

Simple Chicken Parmesan
Photo by abapplez

As Redditor Bigkripp demonstrates in a handy and simple post, it turns out that it's perfectly possible— though not necessarily acceptable— to make chicken parm without any cooking. All you need is some chicken nuggets (panko breaded from Costco in this case), mozzarella cheese, and basil. Place individual pieces of mozz and basil on each chicken nugget, group them close together, put them in a microwave or oven, and watch the magic happen. 

There aren't a lot of details or even a "recipe" itself, unfortunately, so it's up to you how you want to plate and eat your chicken nugget parm. In this case, it looks like it's doused with a bit of sauce (alongside the pasta it's served with), and— naturally— finished off with a bit of Parmesan cheese. 

It's worth pointing out that u/Bigkripp isn't the first to attempt a chicken nugget parm during quarantine. There have been attempts shared on both Twitter and Instagram, but the Reddit version looks closest to something you might actually order from a restaurant—in part because they opted to skip the dino nuggets. 

Though you wouldn't want to show this to your Italian grandmother and expect to survive the encounter, this sort of thing is perfect for purists who might be lacking in skill or patience who nonetheless deserve to enjoy some homemade approximation of an Italian classic. Bono's aperitivo!