The strawberry-infused cream filling firms up into a luxurious, pudding-like texture that when sandwiched between strawberry puree and macerated strawberries, tastes like a dream.

Since strawberry and lemon is such a perfect combination, I thought pairing them together in a posset would an ideal way to show them off, and it was, but I needed to come up with a better, more enticing name. Very few people know what a posset is, so I decided to "re-brand" it, as we say in the business, and call it a Strawberry Dream. Everybody knows what those are, and after trying this, I think you'll agree it work. 

While strawberry and lemon are fantastic together, if you're calling something a Strawberry Dream, the strawberry needs to be the dominant flavor, which is why we're leaving out the zest this time. As you know, that's where most of the lemon flavor comes from, and all we really need here is the acidity from the juice to make the texture of the cream come out just right.  

My only regret here was, while they looked great, the strawberries I bought were not quite as sweet and ripe as they appeared. I can't wait to try this again later in the season with some perfect specimens, but the good news is, even with these unremarkable berries, the dessert turned out wonderfully. So, what I'm trying to say is you don't need to be too picky, and no matter you use, you're in for a very dreamy dessert. Enjoy! 

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Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Dream
| Credit: Chef John

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