Dry peppercorns for the rub and fresh peppers for the relish create the perfect marriage of flavor.

This recipe is the answer to that age-old question, "Is there such a thing as using too many types of pepper on a pork chop?" Apparently, there is not, since we used seven different types of peppers here, both dried peppercorns and freshly diced, and it was amazing. You might have to go to the fancier grocery store in town, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the four different peppercorns used in this dish. They are definitely sold separately, but I often see them combined as well, which is how I generally like to purchase.  

I originally got them to make the always delicious, "steak au poivre," but decided to try them as part of a "dry brine" for some nice thick pork chops. I was very happy with the results, but I thought the chops needed something to balance all that peppercorny goodness, which is how the pickled pepper relish got invited to the party. I try not to overanalyze these things too much, since if it works, it works, and who cares why? But the combo of the intensely flavored dry peppercorns, and the vibrant, fruity, fresh peppers was a perfect marriage.  

And now that I know this works on pork, I think I need to try it on every other meat, poultry, and…seafood? Maybe not, although I'm guessing a fat tuna steak would be quite nice treated similarly. Anyway, I hope you give this a try soon, and do some experimenting as well. Enjoy!  

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