Sometimes stuffing one food inside another is well worth the effort.

If we're going to stuff one food with another, we want to make sure it's worth the effort, and that there's an actual reason to do it. Cheese stuffed burgers are a perfect example of something that sounds like a great idea, but in reality aren't worth the effort, and a slice of melted cheese on top will give you virtually the same eating experience.

In this case, however, after several minutes of careful analysis, I determined that stuffing potato pancakes with sausage is a great idea, and worth the extra time and effort. It was an easy call, since the extra time and effort is minimal. The only downside is you can't brown the sausage patty, but the upside is that all those amazingly flavorful juices and fat from the meat soak into your potato pancake, which does magical and delicious things.

I really liked the sweet Italian sausage approach here, but obviously something like breakfast sausage would work very nicely. Really, any sausage would work, as long as it's made from raw meat. Smoked and cured sausage is delicious, but doesn't "patty." Anyway, no matter what you use, I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Chef John's Sausage-Stuffed Potato Pancakes.

Sausage Stuffed Potato Pancakes
Sausage Stuffed Potato Pancakes
| Credit: Chef John

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