This quick, cheap, and easy recipe is also highly adaptable.

When I was much younger, and not quite as wise, I lived on a steady diet of fast food. I'm talking at least one meal a day, and often more. It was fast, cheap, and easy, and when you're in your twenties, fast, cheap, and easy are two more reasons than you need to do anything.

As I got older, I slowly but surely weaned myself off the drive-thru lane, but my love of fast food never went away, and so I started making it for myself, using products like couscous. Maybe not exactly the same as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and fries, but it was fast, cheap, and easy, and significantly more delicious, once you get use to food not containing copious amounts of MSG.

This chicken couscous is one of our go-to meals, and as long as the boiling hot broth to couscous ratio is maintained, you can adapt this a thousand ways. The real key here is making sure you coat your "grains," which are actually tiny pieces of pasta, with plenty of olive oil, which will ensure a light and fluffy texture. Other than that, and making sure you've properly seasoned things, not much can go wrong, which is why I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Chef John's Quick Chicken Couscous.

Quick Chicken Couscous
Credit: Chef John

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