A simple marinade produces a big blast of flavor.

This isn't the first recipe inspired by something I saw on "Triple D," and it won't be the last, but I can only give the show and the restaurant involved partial credit for this amazingly delicious grilled pork. Usually when I see something I'm interested in filming, I'll find the specific episode, along with the written recipe, and I generally end up with something pretty close.

Other times, like this one, I don't do any research at all, and simply use whatever I remember from the show, plus my own instincts, and come up with something I'll generously call, "semi-original." By the way, the restaurant that inspired this is called Krakatoa, named after a volcanic mountain in Indonesia, and it's only going to take one taste to understand the thought process behind me calling this "volcano pork."

This fairly simple marinade is going to produce an eruption of flavor no matter what cut of meat you use, but I absolutely loved it with the very user-friendly pork loin. Whether you cut you own like I showed in the video, or you buy ready to grill boneless, center cut pork chops, you're in for a major treat. And yes, I will try to film and post the recipe for the coconut butter rice as well. In the meantime though, I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Chef John's Grilled Volcano Pork.

Grilled Volcano Pork
Grilled Volcano Pork
| Credit: Chef John

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