Chef John adopts the Italian budino method to create a much more chocolaty pudding that's not too rich with just the right amount of sweetness.

After countless requests, and with Valentine's Day coming up, I finally decided to do a chocolate pudding video. I also decided to adapt the starch-less and much more chocolaty Italian method for budino to produce it, which is why the word "puddino" is now part of the language. Or it will be after this video makes the rounds on social media. That's the plan at least.

Names aside, this really did come out exactly how I'd hoped. These were very chocolaty, just sweet enough, and most importantly, not over-the-top rich. I've had some chocolate budino-style desserts that were basically ganache, and while I do enjoy the occasional chocolate truffle, I don't want to eat a quarter pound of their filling with a spoon.

On the other hand, classic American-style chocolate pudding, which is thickened with cornstarch, can leave one wishing for a little more oomph, and one thing you don't want your Valentine wishing for is more oomph. So, I tried to produce something with the best of both versions, and as far as I'm concerned, I succeeded, which is why I hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Chef John's Chocolate Puddino.

Chef John's Chocolate Puddino
Chef John's Chocolate Puddino
| Credit: Chef John

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