By Carl Hanson

Chef John's Halloween recipes are a real scream! From zombie meatloaf to the devil's dentures, these creations are so deeply, deeply disturbing to behold but so delightfully delicious to devour!

The Devil's Dentures

It's the Halloween treat that bites back! Turn pearly whites into a dreadful fright! Slivered almonds are the frightening fangs here and ripe red apples the devil's gums. If you like, drizzle your disturbing dentures with El Droolo del Diablo, a.ka. "slightly thinned-out honey." In the video, you'll also see a terrific trick for keeping your cut apples from getting prematurely browned. And don't tell the kids, but this is a Halloween snack that's also terrifyingly healthy for them. There's no recipe here, just Chef John's simple demo. See how it's done:

Meringue Bones and Ghosts

As Chef John explains, "While I know no one is ever actually scared by spooky Halloween treats, I do know for a fact that many people are terrified to work with meringue. Hopefully these bones and ghosts will help chase those demons away." Fear not, with Chef John leading the way, you'll end up with a shiny, glossy, light-and-delicious meringue that holds shape perfectly when piped.

Photo by Chef John

Chef John's Face Pie

Meet the savory side of horror! This recipe takes Chef John's classic, mild-mannered French-Canadian meat pie (featuring ground beef and pork, potatoes, and spices) and twists it into the true face of terror! "A few months ago I saw a pie image on Twitter so creepy and disturbing that I actually questioned whether it was too terrifying to post as a video," says Chef John. See how he does it...if you dare!

Severed Finger Cheese Sticks

These creepy Halloween party appetizers look like severed fingers. They're actually yummy string-cheese sticks. String cheese for the fingers, almonds for the nails, and a little hot sauce for ghastly effect. Watch the video to see Chef John carve the cheese strips into realistic looking fingers!

Chef John's Zombie Meatloaf

Zombie meatloaf, it's the loaf that alarms. "Admittedly, 'appetizing' is the last thing you want this to look like," says Chef John. "But if we're going to do some kind of gimmicky, holiday recipe, it might as well taste great, and this most certainly did. I was very happy with how this one came out. Don't leave the mushrooms out. They add a lot of flavor, as well as help keep the meat moist, and tender."

It's The Great Pumpkin Seed Spread, Charlie Brown

Okay, so after zombie meatloaf, let's maybe ratchet down the dread a tad. Introducing Chef John's version of pumpkin seed spread "straddles the fence between sweet and savory, and is very adaptable," says Chef John.

Photo by Chef John

Chef John's Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

As Chef John explains, the pumpkin cinnamon rolls are "the least scary Halloween treat ever! But what they lack in fear factor, they make up in straight-up deliciousness. "The best cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted," raves the chef. "One key is a nice soft, sticky dough. Be sure to only add enough flour so that the dough just barely pulls away from the side of the bowl as it kneads." See how it's done:

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