Chef John's banana bread in a mug is delicious single-serving cake without the wait!

Besides the significantly faster cooking time, the major advantage of this banana bread mug cake method is being able to make single-sized portions, which is a great thing for people like me. I have certain powers, but unfortunately willpower isn't one of them, so if I make a whole loaf, enjoying a single portion isn't a thing. 

The other nice thing about this technique is you can do it with one single overripe banana, which statistically speaking is a much more common thing than having 3 or 4 overripe bananas sitting around. Of course, if you do only have one banana, then you can't do the "fancy" brûlée garnish on top, which would be a shame, since that really takes this mug cake from dorm room to Carnelian Room (a fancy restaurant I worked at in the 80's that regularly brûléed things). 

As far as the inside of this cake goes, feel free to toss in whatever you want, but be careful not to change the moisture level too much, otherwise you won't end up with the proper texture. Speaking of which, we really do want to let this cool down for that to happen, and if eaten right out of the microwave, this will be much more like a banana pudding. Either way, I really do hope that you give this a try soon. Enjoy! 

Banana Bread Mug Cake in a Minute
Credit: Chef John

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