There's no bright orange cheese here! The egg-shaped chips are flavored with cinnamon and sugar.
Cheetos Sweetos
Credit: Cheetos

Cheetos can be nice and cheesy; flamin' hot; zesty and, yes, even sweet. The brand's Sweets, sweet cinnamon egg snacks, are returning for another Easter and spring snacking season.

The Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Eggs are a sweet twist on the original Cheetos, and they are flavored with sugar and cinnamon for the sweet touch to satisfy that sugar craving whenever you need. They are egg-shaped, so that's where the name comes from. And they look like cinnamon rolls or swirls. Quite cute!

The Sweetos are airy and delicious, as they have the classic light, puffy texture of Cheetos but with a delicious dusting of cinnamon-sugar on top. They're an all-around super satisfying snack that you can pop in your mouth and let melt away.

You can share with your friends or family or keep it all to yourself—it is really your choice. No judgments. The good news is you can have Cheetos anywhere, anytime, no matter your specific craving, right? Cheetos Sweets are available nationwide at major retailers, and each 7-ounce bag costs $3.99.

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