Now this is one way to eat Cheetos and not get orange fingers.
Three boxes and three tubs of Cheetos mac and cheese are on a yellow background
Credit: Cheetos

You may have heard rumors on social media that Cheetos is about to release a line of macaroni and cheese. So we're here to tell you officially — it's true. Get your forks ready!

The folks at FritoLay (makers of Cheetos products) confirmed the new Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese and gave us the inside scoop (and an early taste) of the mac and cheese line.

The new cheesy dish will come in three flavors — Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot and Cheesy Jalapeño. These are no ordinary macaroni and cheese dishes. They're full of intense cheesy flavor and several bold kicks of heat right to the tongue.

So what's giving the pasta dish all its flavor? A secret ingredient known only as Chester's Top-Secret Seasoning. The corkscrew pasta is a fun added touch, too. It's reminiscent of Chester's cheetah tail.

"We've seen incredible culinary creativity from our Cheetos fans through the years, taking our product and using as an actual ingredient in recipes — whether at restaurants, or now more than ever, at home," Rachel Ferdinando, SVP, CMO Frito-Lay North America said in a statement provided to Allrecipes. "Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese borrows that culinary inspiration to provide a mischievous mashup of an ordinary fan favorite. We're putting our orange-dusted fingerprints on an at-home staple at a time when home mealtime occasions are on the rise."

The new macaroni and cheese will be available as boxes or single-serve cups in Walmart stores and on Walmart's web site as soon as this week. (Some folks have already spotted them and posted about it on social media.) The suggested retail price is 98 cents. And if you don't have a Walmart, you won't be left out — you'll just have to wait. The new products will be available in retailers nationwide in 2021.