We might need a fire extinguisher!
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Pepper Puffs
Credit: Frito-Lay

Cheetos has just released the hottest chip in their entire Flamin' Hot portfolio — one that will definitely necessitate a glass of milk. So amateurs be warned. The latest spicy innovation from Frito-Lay is for spicy food pros ONLY.

Cheetos' new Flamin' Hot Pepper Puffs is the hottest Flamin' Hot chip from the brand known for creating outrageously hot snacks. It'll give you that delicious cheesy flavor and crispy texture you love in Cheetos, but also adds tons of fiery spice to set your mouth on fire.

This new snack is shaped like a pepper, which is perfect for the type of experience you're sure to get. And who doesn't love a fun shaped chip to nosh on for snack time, right? Be sure to have a cold beverage or something with dairy (yes, dairy can help tame the heat, so think a glass of milk or a smoothie!) nearby when you eat these, because your taste buds will be tingling FAST. And FYI, water will only make those fiery flavors pop even further!

The new Cheetos Flamin' Hot Pepper Puffs will only be available at Walmart and Circle K for a limited time starting this week, so be sure to grab them before they are sold out. The 7-ounce bags are $3.99 and the 2.375-ounce bags are $1.89. If you know you can't resist a good spicy chip, stock up now and save them for when the mood strikes. Or you know, play a prank on your friends and watch them squirm!

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