Cheetos Combines Crunchiness and Popcorn Into One Snack Mix

Crunch Pop Mix is a textural fusion.

cheetos crunch pop mix
Photo: Cheetos

Has this ever happened to you? You're getting ready to do some snacking, but you're faced with the impossible choice between popcorn and something crunchy. When that crunchy thing also happens to be Cheetos, then you've sure got a real conundrum on your hands.

Thankfully, snack mascot Chester Cheetah is here to show that we can reject this as a false choice. How, you ask? Because Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is here to reject the snacking texture binary by combining two great snacks into a single one with some dangerously cheesy implications.

As far as food products are concerned, Cheetos' Crunch Pop Mix is about as close to an onomatopoeia as you can get. Why? Because it combines Cheetos Crunchy (which you, I, and anyone who doesn't work at Frito-Lay just knows as "plain Cheetos") with Cheetos Popcorn, a newer way to get Cheeto dust (technically called "Cheetle") all over yourself.

If you missed the debut of Cheetos Popcorn around the time of the Super Bowl in 2020, it's understandable given, well, pretty much everything that happened shortly thereafter. Now, though, the good news is that Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix can kind of ease you into the transition by keeping a familiar element in the mix.

For those who might be struggling for other ideas of what to do with such a product besides "funnel it into your mouth immediately," there's a good chance you can find a Cheetos recipe that might fit the bill. The brand introduced a cookbook in 2020, and their online recipe hub is a fount of inspiration for turning your snacks into proper meals.

Given that the quarantine conditions that inspired 2020's snacking surge are still around, you'll probably be looking for new stuff to the add to your eating rotation, and you could certainly do worse than Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, which is hitting nationwide retailers this week. Maybe this year, you really can have it all.

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