Would You Say 'I do' to This Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake?

Engaged couples have been bucking the traditional wedding cake norm for a while now, and when that translates to things like pizza wedding cakes and donut wedding cakes, we most certainly approve. And we are particularly on board with cheese wheel wedding cakes.

Once you start browsing these creations, it's hard to stop. Try it, we dare you! Because they are just so beautiful—not to mention mouthwatering. The great thing about putting together a cheese wheel wedding cake is that even the simplest ones look amazing. The colors of the cheeses do a lot of the visual heavy-lifting you'd normally get from icing, but there's no piping or frosting required.

Cases in point—these versions include a modest amount of flair, but still impress:

But if you want to get a little more elaborate, the roses and baby's breath on this one are pretty stunning (and how about those LED lights?!):

And a little greenery in the mix in never hurt anybody:

Or maybe take cues from a traditional cheese plate and add a little fruit for pairing:

And just when you thought there couldn't be anything better than a cheese wheel wedding cake…"cake" testing, you guys! ( Sigh, right?) It's a tough job, but it must be done.

Want to make your own cheese wheel wedding cake? Check out this article for great tips.

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