By Leslie Kelly

Halloween is the holiday when grownups embrace the excuse to dress up and act like kids, except that there's usually booze involved. Colorful Jell-O shots speaks to the party crowd, offering cooks loads of opportunities to be creative. Here are 4 ways to make the best Halloween cocktails that jiggle.

Photo by Leslie Kelly

1. Sweet Inspiration

While most Jell-O shots are single flavors spiked with vodka, colorful Halloween candy provides the spark that get your friends dishing out compliments like crazy. There's no more iconic treat than Candy Corn, and though it takes time to assemble Candy Corn Jell-O Shots — a series of filling and cooling each layer — the results are so cute. They're definitely a massive hit on Pinterest, to the tune of 500 pins and growing. Pro tip: Get tall shot glasses to more closely resemble that tri-colored candy.

2. Scary Shots

Who doesn't enjoy chomping on a dismembered witch's finger or a eyeball suspended in clear, spirited gelatin? Cue Homer Simpson drooling: "Mmmm, eyeballs." You those eyeballs can be made from scratch or plop in a purchased product. Just say ewww with a Pink Brain Shooter. And turn straight-up Jell-O shots into something creepy by adding booze-soaked gummy worms.

Photo by Kriss The Cook

3. Double Shots

The hottest trend in Jell-O shots is... well, shots. Shots squeezed out of syringes is one sure-fire way to get every bit of Jell-O in your mouth. A search at several national drug stores came up short, so plan ahead because you'll need to order funny serving syringes online. Good news is you can reuse them. You know, unlike regular syringes.

Photo by ThisBottleofVodka blog on Tumblr.

4. DIY Cocktail Conversion

It's easy to convert your favorite Halloween drink -- like a Mexican Vampire or a Salem Witch -- by dissolving 1 teaspoon of plain gelatin in warm water and stir. Add it to a mixed drink and pour into shot glasses and chill. BOOm!

Pro Tip: Don't Forget to Eat First

Before diving into the shooters, it's essential to do some serious snacking, so the tummy and the head don't ache the following morning. (Jell-O shots are sneaky boozy.) So, let's get the party started with some savories from our outstanding collection of Halloween Recipes:

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