You won't have to penny pinch to afford this fun picnic menu.
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With so much uncertainty across many parts of the country, staying at home often feels like the easier and safer option, but that doesn't mean things need to be boring. Take a weekend day and learn how to throw a fun backyard picnic on a budget! You can feed your family of four a delicious dinner, along with drinks and desserts, for under $30.

Start by gathering up some blankets or a couple of lawn chairs from inside. Find a shady spot in your yard and set up seating. No basket? No problem! Because this is an at-home picnic, feel free to get creative with a market tote bag or backpack instead. For families seeking an easy activity everyone can play, consider grabbing a deck of cards ($3, for classic games like rummy, slapjack, or crazy eights.

To Drink

Cocktail enthusiasts might be inclined to opt for a canned cocktail, but averaging around $5 per can means this ready-to-drink option may be slightly beyond the budget. Instead, grab a bottle of sangria ($7, to share amongst adult family members. A simple alcohol-free beverage for those abstaining or children might be a can of sparkling water ($3 for an 8-pack, Take each beverage up a notch by adding frozen mixed berries ($2.39, instead of ice.

The Main Course

Consider a fun twist on a classic BLT for a main dish the whole family will love. Start by gathering some artisan bread, ($2.89,, mayonnaise ($1.89,, and thick-cut bacon ($5.39,, as well as a fresh tomato, avocado, and head of lettuce (around $5 to $7, depending on location). Be sure to get the bacon slices nice and crispy before toasting the bread. Slather the mayo on each side of the toasted bread then layer on the cooked bacon, tomato, lettuce, and avocado.

For Dessert

Don't overcomplicate dessert — it's a casual picnic, after all. Grab a box of brownie mix ($1.29, to mix up and bake ahead of time, then enjoy one (or more) while playing a round of cards with the entire household.

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