Need another reason to celebrate the end of 2016? Here's one to add to your list: Chrismukkah. The ultimate interfaith faux holiday is extra meaningful this year - because Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve. It's "the greatest superholiday known to mankind!"

Seth Cohen, the original Christmasukkah elf

Most of us first heard of Chrismukkah while watching The O.C.; main character Seth Cohen created it as a nod to his interfaith upbringing (Jewish father and Protestant mother). It's a combined celebration of all things Jewish and Christian -- and also "eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents."

But you don't need to be raised interfaith to recognize Chritmukkah. Make it your own by hosting a gathering of friends of all faiths. Serve eggnog and challah (or make a special Chrismukkah eggnog challah; read Gremolata's comment in the recipe to see how). Ask guests to bring their favorite traditional dishes, and celebrate!

Watch the dawning of

. Happy holidays to all!

Photo by Gremolata