Your Cat Loves You More than Food

Sure, they chase their tails, have epic face-offs with their own shadows, and hate water (seriously, what is the deal?), but that's why we love them, right? Well, turns out, the feeling is mutual. According to science, cats love us more than food, and this proves that once and for all that cats are nice. Albeit, little freak shows from time to time.

Photo by You Tube.

According to a new study from Oregon State University publication, Behavioural Processes, when cats were deprived of food, people love, a toy, or a scent for a few hours and were then presented with the choice, they consistently opted for hanging with humans over everything else. (Though, for the record, food came second. Smart kitties.) And whether the cats were pets or living in a shelter, it was the same deal—people snuggles, all the way. Aww, right?

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I mean, I know some pretty awesome people, but make me choose between them and a plate of tacos when I'm hungry? I don't know… (This actually proves another theory I've had for a while: cats are way nicer than me.)

Want to give your kitty-cat a double dose of purr-worthy awesomeness? Give them some under-the-chin scratches right before you serve them up some of this tuna cat treat.

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