How to Make a Carpaccio Valentine for Your Sweetheart

Do you love your sweetheart enough to make this Valentine of raw beef?

A Meatheart for Your Sweetheart
A Meatheart for Your Sweetheart.

Carpaccio is an impressive way to start any romantic dinner. But carpaccio formed into a heart-shaped valentine? That's just epic. It's love in the raw.

Ah, the romance! Here's how to make Chef John's "meatheart for your sweetheart" for Valentine's Day. And don't miss his video below.

1. Start with a high-quality, fully trimmed fillet of beef…and a very sharp knife.

Beautiful Beef Tenderloin
Beautiful Beef Tenderloin.

2. Using your very sharp knife, slice the beef across the grain into thin slices.

Slicing Beef Tenderloin.

3. Then form the slices into a heart shape.

Arranging Beef.

4. Cover with plastic wrap and gently pound into a super-thin sheet about ⅛-inch thick.

Pounding the Beef.

5. Serve your impossibly romantic meatheart valentine with this simple salad.

Salad for Meat Heart
Salad for Meat Heart.

To fully grok the subtle details, check out Chef John's video for How to Make Heart-Shaped Carpaccio.

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