Holiday cheer, bowl by bowl.


Quaker just announced they're bringing back two of their most popular sweet and holiday-themed cereals, and they happen to capture all the season's spices and flavors in each spoonful.

What are the two delicious options? There's Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch. This limited-edition Cap'n Crunch is filled with fun sprinkles of red and green (so Christmas like!). So, it's the same great flavors you love with classic Crunch but with some fun seasonal cheer!

Then there's also the Life Cereal Gingerbread Spice, which adds some spicy sweetness to your morning cereal bowl (just think of how great it would taste in a vanilla- or eggnog-flavored milk). The whole-grain oats are nice and crunchy, and the wheat has a good burst of gingerbread flavor inside.

Life Gingerbread Spice
Credit: Quaker

Your family will jump out of bed for these yummy seasonal treats every morning this holiday season. Look for the limited-edition cereals in a grocery store near you in the coming days. They'll be available through the holiday season.